Top Worship blogs from Worship Leader Magazine

Both Zac Hicks and Jamie Brown‘s Worship Blogs were awarded Editor’s picks from Worship Leader magazine for Nov/Dec. Great stuff to check out from these two.

Here is the full list!

I’m very grateful to be on a small list of select blogs honored this year by Worship Leader Magazine’s Editor’s Picks (Nov/Dec 2014 issue). What a blessing! I’m not sure how I got there, but I’ll keep doing what I’m doing.

Songs for the Incarnation – New Compilation

Cardiphonia is proud to release our newest compilation of songs for advent and christmas.

Songs for the Incarnation is a collection of texts both old and new that meditate on various aspects of the Incarnation of Jesus Christ. These songs explore the moments surrounding Christ’s entry into the world. The guttural noise of his prophetic coming, the reverberant new song of creation, the noisy announcement of the Angel throngs, the anxious sputtering of humble shepherds, and the silent, exhausted stillness of brand new parents. We simply join our voices to the never ending strain, the ‘in dulci jubilo’ that will never cease, or quiet, or lose its perfect pitch and harmony. We hope you find in this new batch of songs a fresh wind for this particularly exhausted season. May you be renewed by His presence and His Spirit this advent, Christmas, and Epiphany season 2014-2015.

Again our huge thanks to these artists for stretching even their own conceptions of what constitutes the music of the “season.” Most of these texts occupy the outer edges of Christmas’s massive material universe. Here we find texts and songs literally wandering in from across time and space. From the Appalachian hills to the shores of Africa. From the Mission District in San Francisco (can you hear the Giants partying in the background?) to the Carolina lowlands. From the rockin’ cover of The Bands “Christmas Must Be Tonight” to the victorian perfection of Christina Rossetti’s “Love Came Down at Christmas.” Traveling through time we hear again the 16th century tune Personent Hodie beside the year 2014 in Wendell Kimbroughs original Magnificat. Daniel Justice Snoke introduces us to an introit from a catholic Christmas Day mass in Puer Natus Est and Luke Brodine reminds us that the Psalms are always relevant to our celebration of the story of Christ in the church year!

The Album download includes a songbook with hymn notes and an introductory article to Advent from our friend Noah McClaren.

WSC Q.86 What is Faith in Jesus Christ?

It’s profound to sing the raw, scripture saturated truths of God.  So thankful for this project to work out the shorter catechism in song.  Enjoy.

Westminster Shorter Catechism Question 86

What is Faith in Jesus Christ?
Faith in Jesus Christ is a saving grace whereby we receive and rest upon Him alone for salvation as he is offered to us in the Gospel. 

Leadsheet (PDF)

WSC Q98. What is Prayer?

A friend asked me to chart a couple of my shorter catechism tunes so I’m sharing them with you all. I love coming back to the WSC because of its boldness to answer complex biblical questions like this in succinct form.  It always ministers to my faith.

Westminster Shorter Catechism Question 98

What is Prayer?
Prayer is an offering up of our desires unto God for things agreeable to His will, in the name of Christ, with confession of our sins, and thankful acknowledgement of his mercies. 


John Mason Neale and Hymns for the O Antiphons

Folks over at the Liturgy Fellowship have begun to talk about Advent so I’m throwing out a post. Most people are familiar with the popular advent hymn written by John Mason Neale “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel.” This hymn is a meditation for the O Antiphons which looks at various images of Christ from the Old Testament with an emphasis on Isaiah.

I recently found a collection of hymns where JM Neale wrote an entire hymn for each O Antiphon (not just a verse).  A great meditation for advent, or source of texts for retunes. The Antiphons start on page #342.  You can download a PDF of the whole collection here.

Collected Hymns, Sequences and Carols of John Mason Neale

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 9.14.50 AM


October 2014 Bits and Bobs

Some good stuff I’ve stumbled upon recently, need to post on, and generally feel compelled to share.

The Long Walk Home cover art
Great album
of eclectic arrangements to traditional hymns. Fleet Foxes meets Sun Kil Moon.

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 1.35.52 PM
- new charting enterprise from Zach Sprowls.  This is THE place to go if you are looking for Quality charts for your new album!

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 1.39.02 PM
Light Upon Light: A Literary Guide to Prayer for Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany
- Features Hope College prof and poet Susanna Childress

Erik Marshall’s band “Young Oceans” is releasing a new album soon. Great ambient worship music. We regularly sing “Come Holy One.”