To Heaven Restored: Songs for the Great Litany

To Heaven Restored: Songs for the Great Litany cover art
To Heaven Restored: Songs for the Great Litany

Holy Week has always been filled with the cries and songs of God’s people. From the chants of “Hosanna” at Christ’s Triumphal Entry to the hymn the disciples sing with Jesus after the upper room passover meal to Jesus’ own swan song of Psalm 22 from the cross. Music is the gift God has given us to express the intensity of both communal events and personal laments. In this spirit we offer you a collection of new songs rooted in the life of Christ and the testimony of the church to the good news. Christ has died, Christ is Risen. Christ will come again! 

The text for this compilation comes from a collection of hymns Charles Wesley published in 1746 “Hymns for Our Lord’s Resurrection.” Nestled away in this collection is a nine stanza hymn “Jesus Show Us Thy Salvation” riffing on a section of a very long Anglican prayer called “The Great Litany.” The hymn we choose for this compilation is an amazing meditation on the glories of Christ’s birth, life, death, crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension. It is also a dense poetic and theological vision of Jesus Christ and our life with him. 

We invited a group of very gracious artists and sound designers to re-imagine this hymn as a meditation for Holy Week 2014. My huge thanks to them!

Starting on Palm Sunday we will release one track a day through Easter. 

(section of great litany)
“By the mystery of thy holy Incarnation; 

by thy holy Nativity and submission to the Law; 
by thy Baptism, Fasting, and Temptation, 

Good Lord, deliver us. 

By thine Agony and Bloody Sweat; 
by thy Cross and Passion; 
by thy precious Death and Burial; 
by thy glorious Resurrection and Ascension; 
and by the Coming of the Holy Ghost, 

Good Lord, deliver us.” 

The Great Litany (BCP) - 
Hymn -

*post on the Great Litany from friend David Taylor.

Resources for Lent 2014

Here is a collection of new resources for Lent and a reminder of some good old ones!

Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 9.48.56 PM
The Lent Project
– Biola University
an online calendar of prayers, liturgies, and music for the entire season of Lent.

The Passover Song
– Caroline Cobb and Sean Carter

Love & Lightning, Winter & Warm cover art
a compendium of hymn retunes and originals.
Hymns & Friends cover art
Wendell Kimbroughhymns & friends
a collection of acoustic/folk arrangements of traditional hymns for worship along with two originals.

Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 11.46.08 AM
Native Air Band
(Luke Brawner)
Ephesians 2:4-5 (Song for The Verses Project)

Vol. IV cover art
The Gentle Wolves - Vol. IV
Some good lenten retunes here!
More Music
Cardiphonia – Hallel Psalms (Psalms for Holy Week)
Cardiphonia – Good Friday 04.14.06
Holy City Hymns – Not a Word
Redeemer Knoxville – Rise O Buried Lord
New York Hymns – Songs for Lent (Stations of the Cross)
Matt Maher – 40 days
Bruce Benedict – 40 days and 40 nights
Devotional and Educational
We are already well through Lent but here are a few resources to help you remain focused and refreshed.
Read the Church Fathers during Lent. These daily short readings are a great way to gain exposure to the writings of the early Church Fathers.
Lent – Preparing for Easter – Christ Church Berkelely
George Rouault for Lent – the Miserere Series
The Early History of Lent - Nicholas Russo (PDF)

Music resources from across the Pond

Our good friend Rick Jensen of the Liturgy Fellowship has recently moved over to the UK to help with a church and it got me thinking about music resources I’ve run across from England/Scotland/Ireland over the past couple of years.  My wife and I lived in London for a few years and I was thankful for the exposure to all that God is doing there in the realms of music and worship. Besides the obvious ones (Keith and Kristyn Getty, Stuart Townend, Matt Redman, Tim Hughes) below are a bunch more that we’ve enjoyed.

Lots cover art

JG Hymns (Edinburgh, Scotland)
Jonathan Green has been retuning hymns for a long time now and has contributed to a couple of Cardiphonia comps.  You can check out his series of albums over at BandCamp. You can read a great interview with him at Hopeful Realism


Matt Searles (Oak Hill Theological and Wimbledon, UK)
Matt has written and produced a couple of albums exploring the psalms.  They are simple, singable, and worthy checking out at his BandCamp site.  Here is also a nice REVIEW from Bob Kauflin’s Worship Matters site.

Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 3.08.50 PM
Resound Worship

Resound Worship is a collection of local songwriters connected to the church and under the Jubilate publishing banner. Sam Hargreaves who I met on occasion is one of the leaders of this project. Their site has a terrific collection of contemporary songs for liturgical/contemporary worship.

New Scottish Hymns

A group of songwriters retuning hymns in scotland.  You can learn more about this project HERE. You can listen to a few tracks at Soundcloud. You can also watch a one hour interview NSH facilitated with Kevin Twit.

Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 3.20.54 PM
The Rend Collective
(Northern Ireland)
I saw these guys from Northern Ireland a few years back at the National Worship Leaders Collective.  They’ve grown in popularity and have some great songs! A blend of Irish folk, mumford and sons, and americana. Check them out at their own site,, etc.

Zac Hicks – His Be the Victors Name


Zac Hicks and Coral Ridge Worship have just released a new EP and we are going to participate in this awesome event by giving a few CD’s away with a fun contest.

Since we are all about hymn geekery here at Cardiphonia we’re going to test your google skills and hopefully you’ll learn a little bit about the songs and hymns featured on Zac’s newest record.

Download audio HERE

Download the songbook HERE

Here are the questions.  Post the answers to twitter with a link to zac’s record and the hashtag #hisbethevictorsname.   The first three people to answer all of these correctly will each get a free EP!

1. Who is the author of the hymn that lends its title to Zac’s EP?

2. What reformer wrote the original lyrics inspired by Psalm 130 to track 3 on the record?

3. What NT scripture verse is the first track title drawing from?

4. Who is the hymn author behind the track “One Way Love”?

5. Who is the author of the hymn written by the author of “Once for All”?

That’s it! Now go share this record with everyone you know!

The Journey Collective – Songs from the Book of Ephesians


The Journey Church (5 sites around St. Louis) has just released a new collection of songs based in the book of Ephesians.  Stephen Miller, and the musicians of The Journey Collective have given us 10 new songs to contemplate the riches of God in Jesus Christ.

Buy the album HERE -

Download the songbook HERE -

twitter: @journeySTLMusic


Volume 1

1. To Praise Your Glory – Call to Worhsip
2. The Love of God – Song of Adoration
3. Wars Within – Song of Confession
4. As Your Own – Song of Assurance
5. To Him who is Able – Song of Mission

Volume 2

1. Wondrous Love – Call to Worship
2. A Son of God – Song of Adoration
3. Anchor our Hearts – Song of Confession
4. In Our Place – Song of Assurance
5. Now in Christ – Song of Mission

Cardiphonia is moving!


Starting June 1st Cardiphonia will have a new home! The Benedict family has accepted a call as the new Chaplain of Worship/Arts at Hope College up in Holland, Michigan. As part of this move Cardiphonia will become a ministry extension of the work happening through the Chaplain’s office.  I’ll be working with an incredible team of staff and students to direct, develop, and nurture the worship life of a college campus including a couple thousand students and hundreds of professors and staff.

Hope College is a top rated small liberal arts college that takes its faith life and commitment to Christ very seriously!  The fact that over a thousand students pack chapel 4 times a week attests to this.  They are also tops in academics competing yearly with the likes of Stanford and Harvard for undergrad science grants.  Some well known grads include Sufjan Stevens, Vito Aiuto, Kevin DeYoung.

I’m also super excited about building on the tremendous culture and foundation that Joshua Banner has built at Hope in his 8 years on the job.

You can listen to the CD’s he has recorded with the students HERE.

You can listen to some of Josh’s other stuff HERE that he has written with his poet wife Susanna under the pseudonym “Ordinary Neighbors.”

You can read a chapter that Josh has written on the arts in David Taylor’s book “For the Beauty of the Church.”

Thanks to my friend Mary Brown for this beautiful image that captures the ministry of Hope College so well.

Resources for the Calvin Worship Symposium 2014

2014SymposiumwebimageHere is a collection of links, posts, and pages to check out during the various presentations this week.

Symposium 2014 on the Interwebs

You can watch a number of videos of services and plenary’s HERE.
You can read back over twitter comments, links, and pictures at #wsymp14

Songwriting Seminary (Thursday)

Master List of Retuned Hymn Artists and Projects (check other tab for albums)
google doc

Blog – Top 30 Retuned Hymns

Interview – Kevin Twit on Bobby Gilles “My Song in the Night” page

Information on fellow presenters Greg Scheer and Ruth Duck

Canticles Seminar (Fri/Sat)

PDF of Modern Scripture Songs from The Verses Project and Caroline Cobb Music

PDF Songbook of songs based in biblical canticles (40+ Songs)

PDF and Album Links for the Cardiphonia Compilation

Highlights from Symposium

Hallel Psalms Vespers – Greg Scheer
You can watch a vespers service of music written to the entire Hallel Psalm collection from Greg Scheer.  Here is greg’s contribution to our Hallel Psalm compilation.

Anne Zaki -
Her talk on how to pray for the church in difficult international situations was incredibly helpful and moving. You should be able to watch above.

Jeremy Begbie and James KA Smith
Mostly Jeremy discussing how the ‘musterion’ of the gospel is about the revealing of Jesus Christ. Very helpful stuff…and none of us will ever listen to the music to downtown abbey the same again! 

Heidelberg – Songs from the Catechism by Jeremy Zeyl
jeremy and I had a moment as brothers in the work of setting ancient catechisms to music! Listen to his songs at his SOUNDCLOUD account.

Upward Call - Devin Pogue and Carl Chombo
enjoying this new ‘retuned hymns’ project from folks in the Chicago area.