Ordinary Time with Bellwether Arts

The day to day looks different. Very different. For months, the Covid-19 pandemic has isolated many of us from our families, our co-workers, our friends. While some continue to work and adapt to new environments, others file for unemployment and live in uncertainty. It seems that life has lost its sense of rhythm.  Now the... Continue Reading →

Ten Songs for Justice and Peace

Here are is spotify playlist and a few congregational songs that I have charts for...May they bless you as you worship the King of Kings and our Lord of peace in these times when the world has been shining a light on the travesties of racism and hate. Christianity Today - Also, check out this... Continue Reading →

Praying and Singing Psalm 23

I've noticed a few of my favorite artists turning to Psalm 23 as a source of deep truth and hope in this season. Psalm 23, that deep groove of the church in times of suffering. Grateful to see artists returning to the well that never runs dry!! Here is an early post with more versions... Continue Reading →

Eastertide 2020 (Covid-19 edition)

Hello Friends! Exciting to keep the resource sharing active during this Eastertide! NEW MUSIC: Greg Lafollette - I'll Wait for You, My Love Jeremie Fall (Senegalese) -  Easter Rap LITURGY, DEVOTIONALS, ETC Anglican Compass - Eastertide in the Time of Coronavirus David Taylor / Fuller  - Introduction to the Psalms Invitation Podcast - Praying the... Continue Reading →

Holy Week 2020

A collection of worship resources related to Holy Week this year. STATIONS OF THE CROSS | 7 Seven Last Words CS4O- Stations of the Cross Unforsaken - Stations of the Cross The Visual Commentary on Scripture - Holy Week Scott Erickson - Stations of the Cross (purchase) Bob Commin - Meditations on the way of... Continue Reading →

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