Thomas Binney – The Service of Song

We’re going to talking about lots of things on cardiphonia.  projects we’re working on, new songs, books we’re reading, etc.  We’ve all been looking for a place online to read in a more substantial way about this sort of thing and post new songs, and worship elements.  So we’re taking our own advice and starting it up.

There is a nice little library in london called the evangelical library.  It is most well known for its vast collection of puritan imprints.  too many to name.

I was recently awarded a small bursary from them to support research in the benefit of ministry.  I really wanted to spend some time thinking about the history and culture of worship in england and this has been a great way to do it.  I have been focusing on a prominent london minister in the 19th century named Thomas Binney.  He published Charles Baird’s book on presbyterian liturgies in london under the title “A Chapter on Liturgies“, with an appendix entitled, “Are dissenters to have a liturgy?”.  In the english context any protestant church outside of the state church (Church of England – i.e. anglicans) are labeled as either a non-conformist or dissenting congregation.  Besides the aforementioned book he also published a wonderful little pamphlet “The Service of Song in the House of the Lord” which is a biblical overview of worship and some practical suggestions on how to improve the devotional nature of sunday worship.  You can pick up a free copy in pdf to read on google books.  <here>

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