Post Conference Reflections

I spent the last few days at the “Deep calls to Deep” worship conference at the London School of Theology.

I wasn’t sure really what to expect but it ended up being a very refreshing time.  I was amazed and encouraged by the wide overlap of pastoral and practical concerns raised, that are so similar to questions being asked in the states.  

1. The neeed for objective and subjective balance in worship songs. 

I went to a fantastic workshop led by Stuart Townend (Content and Poetry in the Modern Worship Hymn) who said songwriting for the church should be above all two things: 1) Serving the local church 2) teaching the gospel – because we are putting words in people’s mouths to praise God. 

2. How Would Jesus Lead our Worship?

Reflecting on how Jesus who we worship both leads our worship, and makes it acceptable to God,  allowing us to explore a theology of failure as worship leaders!  It’s okay.  Jesus is in our midst (mess) empowering and uplifting our worship. Led by Sam and Sarah Hargreaves at

3) A meditation on worship as Revelation and Response by Ron Man

Ron has just written a wonderful little book and walked us through it briefly through the lens of Hebrews 2:10-12 and Psalm 22.

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