Why Don’t Pastor’s Write Worship Songs anymore?

Pastors used to be the poets

but now their silent pens…

It’s slowly dawned on me, that in the past few years as I’ve made the rounds of worship conferences and songwriting workshops that pastors are either absent or silent.  It’s fascinating.  A great majority of the great hymns were written by pastors.  (Wesley, Watts, Newton, Luther, et al)

I guess this has been a noticeable trend since the contemporary worship revolution, or maybe as a result of the cultural shifts of the 60’s where music becomes a cultural icon of rebellion.  Why have their been so few pastors who have taken up the pen of poetry?  (And there have been a few!)

Now, thankfully…most musicians writing for the church are doing their best to study the word of God and sit under good preaching.  i think the songs coming out of the sovereign grace churches are a testament to their strong expository preaching. 

As well, the work of Indelible grace – where college students have put new life into older hymn texts by updating the music.  

I got to hear stuart townend talk on songwriting this weekend…and he is a man in wrath over all the bad worship music being used in the church right now.  All of us that were their got quite a lashing.  He even put up one of his own songs where he had pulled his favorite trite phrases from some popular worship songs and asked us what we thought of it. (who dared to say!)  And then proceeded to call it ‘rubbish’.

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