Sung Meditation on Mark 5:21-43

Tim preached this week on the narrative in Mark 5 that interweaves the story of a woman and a synagogue ruler.  Both situations involve Jesus restoring the unclean into the fellowship of the Kingdom.  A woman who has struggled with bleeding and a dead little girl.  The interaction between Jesus and the unnamed woman is particularly remarkable.  The text is full of the intimate details of her personal struggles.   12 years of bleeding, multiple doctors, spent all she has – and is worse off!  A gloss near the end of vs.33 mentions that she told Jesus the whole truth.  Jesus listens to the protracted story of this woman and then passes on the information to Peter we presume, who passes it on to Mark.  Pj remarked during our QnA time that this passage should really make feminists take notice!   

It moved me so much in reading it this week that I had to work it out in song.  It’s rough but full of the humanity of Jesus’ dealing with us in our often desperate pursuit of relief from suffering.  And while the miraculous healings in this story are captivating we press forward for the greater miracle of the cross.

If I Touched Him <listen>

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