Holy Week through the Psalms of Ascents

I’ve been reading through Erik Routley’s “Ascent to the Cross”. As an appendix he includes the basic liturgy of the services from which this book originates.  It’s a wonderful journey through the psalms of ascents and the last days of Jesus’ earthly ministry.  A great resource for a Holy Week devotional or to craft into a thursday or Good Friday service.

Holy Week Services @ High Kirk of St. Giles

(from Ascent to the Cross, Erik Routley)

 *congregational hymns (the numbers from the Church Hymnary, rev. 1927)  




Psalm 120 (Plainsong)

Psalm 121 (Prose Chant)

Psalm 122 (Gelineau)

N.T. Reading: St. Luke 19:41-20:19

*Hymns: 503 ‘Almighty Father, of all things that be’

             407 ‘To wash away the crimson stain’ (vv2-5)



Psalm 123 (Gelineau)

Psalm 123 (Metrical version)

Psalm 125 (Prose chant)

N.T. Reading: St Luke 21:5-28

Hymns:  638 ‘O God of earth and altar’

             108 ‘Sing, my tongue, the glorious battle’



Psalm 126 (Prose chant)

Psalm 127 (Gelineau)

Psalm 128 (Gelineau)

N.T. Reading: St Luke 22:1-16

Hymns: 406 ‘One who is all unfit to count’

            106 ‘When I survey’



Psalm 129 (Prose chant)

Psalm 130 (Plainsong)

Psalm 131 (Prose chant)

N.T. Reading: St Luke 22. 14-26

Hymns: 440 ‘Happy are they, they that love God’

            561 ‘When we in darkness walk’ (vv. 4-7)



Psalm 132 (Prose chant)

Psalm 133 (Plainsong)

Psalm 134 (Plainsong)

N.T. Reading: St Luke 23. 13-49

Hymns: 217 ‘Fear not, thou faithful Christian flock’

            52    (omit v 2) ‘Ye who the name of Jesus bear’

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