Psalms of Ascent – Worship Renewal Grant

We heard this week that we were awarded a Worship Renewal grant from the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship.  Very Exciting!!

Here is the press release that CICW provides for us.  A good overview.



 Christ the King has received a grant to immerse the congregation in the Psalms of Ascent with the help of linguists, musicians, visual artists and pastors that will lead our congregation on a journey towards forming faith, identity and tradition in modern life.  The Worship Renewal grant was awarded by the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship, Grand Rapids, Michigan.

            “We are very excited to take a young and distinctly diverse community of people in downtown Raleigh through this ancient collection of psalms, and explore with all of the creative abilities at our disposal, their relevance and power to shape our modern spiritual journey.”

            This year, the program’s tenth, CICW will award almost $500,000 to support a variety of worship renewal projects in 43 churches and organizations across North America.

            “The proposals we receive from all over North America offer us an expansive education,” says CICW director John Wivliet. “They show us how prayerful, resourceful leaders in a remarkable variety of contexts are thinking about the needs of the church and opportunities for ministry.”

            For a complete list of this year’s grant recipients and summaries of their projects, see the Grants section of the CICW website,

            For 2009 grant recipients, learning begins in earnest this June when project directors gather at Calvin College to dialogue with 2008 recipients and CICW staff.

            “We have found that this annual ecumenical gathering of committed, creative worship leaders provides opportunities to begin collaboration that can continue long after the grant year,” says Betty Grit, Program Manager of the Worship Renewal Grants Program.

            This year, CICW received proposals from 22 denominations and 26 states and 2 Canadian provinces.  An advisory board of pastors and teachers from a variety of backgrounds assisted in the grant selection.

            Grant recipients for 2009 represent congregations and schools from 15 denominations in 20 states and 2 Canadian provinces. 

            The Worship Renewal Grants Program is generously supported by Indianapolis-based Lilly Endowment Inc.  Founded in 1937, the Endowments major areas of concern are community development, education, and religion.

            The next application deadline for the Worship Renewal Grants Program is January 10, 2010.  For an overview of the grants program and information about the application process, see the Grants section of the CICW website,

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