Elemental Worship

It is a glorious thing, how worship can be approached from so many different earthly and heavenly vantage points.  Worship, rooted in the incarnation that is so fully human, and so wonderfully divine.

Just like the heavenlies, the power of God roots all things together in the gravity of his I AM.   Reading through Exodus 24:1-11 provides a wonderful glance at one of the earliest ‘covenant’ worship services.  

Here is a helpful look at the levels of worship taking place in this passage.  They all provide essential (and Biblical!) models for planning worship – providing structure and flow.


[Level One]

Dialogical – the conversation of worship

God’s calls and we respond


[Level Two]

Gospel/Redemptive Flow



[Level Three]

Means of Grace

The Word, Sacraments, Prayer & Song


[Level Four]


These flow out of the top three levels in various ways.

A few of many options. 



    • Call to Worship

    • Adoration and Praise

    • Confession and Assurance



    • Scripture

    • Teaching

    • Preaching


Response to the Word

    • Praise

    • Profession’s of Faith

    • Tithe and special offerings

    • Prayers of the People


The Lord’s Supper

    • Thanksgiving

    • Communion



    • Call to Service

    • Benedict/Blessing

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