The Westminster Shorter Catechism Songs

If you’re looking to learn the westminster shorter catechism than you have found the right place!

Here are two fantastic, and creative projects that have put the westminster shorter catechism to music as a way of learning it.


We’re big fans here of Holly Dutton and her work putting music to the westminster shorter catechism…and that means ALL 107 questions.

You should become a facebook fan too!  HERE:


A few years ago I created a CD of music to the first 38 questions of the shorter catechism.

This CD covers:

Questions 1-3 (Introduction)
Questions 4-11 (God)
Questions 12-19 (Humanity and the Fall)
Questions 20-28 (Christ the Redeemer)
Questions 29-38 (The Holy Spirit and the Benefits of Redemption)

You can purchase it here: CDbabyitunesAmazon

The second CD in the collection will finally be out this fall covering questions 86-107 on the Lord’s Prayer and Sacraments.


First Catechism

Here is a resource that was recommended to me recently to learn The First Catechism, which is a simplification of the Shorter Catechism for children ages 3-7.

Ask me Whooo – music to the children’s catechism

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  1. I’m a Sunday school teacher at Harvest OPC in San Marcos, CA and will be teaching a curriculum I’m writing this term called Foundations of the Faith based on the first 38 Q&As of the Westminster Shorter Catechism. Part of our project is for the students (age 9-11) to memorize these Q&As, and I’ve heard your CD, and I love it! I’ve got 6 students this year, and the problem is, I don’t know if many can use the MP3 album, but the cost of 6 CDs is a little prohibitive. Could I have your permission to buy one and make 5 copies so that I’d have one for each student? I will understand if you can’t allow that, and I won’t do it without your permission, but I thought I’d ask. Thank you for your consideration — and your creativity!
    Lisa Howard

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