John Calvin and Church Music

You’ve been seeing alot of about John Calvin flying around the Reformed internet this year.  It’s his 500th birthday.  Now, I don’t know if John Calvin even celebrated his own birthday’s, but it’s probably a good money maker for reformed publishers and tour guides.

anyway…if you’re pondering traveling the footsteps of John Calvin this summer over in yonder parts.  Save your money and buy these two dissertations/books.

The two most thorough, historical, and enjoyable reads out there covering the study of worship in regards to the Reformation and church music…in my opinion. 


[1] John Calvin and the Reformation of Church Music in the 16th Century

Ross James Miller, diss from Claremont Graduate School, 1971.

Order here:  UMI Dissertation service)

pdf of table of contents


[2]  The Patristic Roots of Reformed Worship

Hughes Oliphant Old, dissertation from University of Neuchatel, 1975

order here: Worship Press

pdf of table of contents

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