Calvin Renewal Grants Colloquium

Psalms of Ascents (ESV)
Psalms of Ascents (ESV)

I spent the better part of last week up in Grand Rapids for the Worship Renewal Grants Colloquium which officially begins and ends the grant year for participating organizations. We gathered with grant recipients from 2008 and 2009 for a time of sharing, learning and worship. There were 1 or 2 people present from each organization…which meant over 200 people total from a dizzying variety of places and denominations.  In fact, the rich diversity of this event is what makes it so fun and challenging!  Groups from last year shared triumphs and frustrations and 2009 grant recipients shared hopes and expectations.  John Witvliet and staff shared with us their “Ten Core Convictions about Christian Worship“, the ‘Vertical Habits‘ project and the basics of administering and leading our grants.

It was a very rich time and I came back full of ideas (see word cloud above of psalms of ascents)) and excited to help lead Christ the King through the Psalms of Ascents this year.

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