The Pastoral Work of Running Sound


Running the sound board on sunday mornings is an incredibly pastoral work.

The preacher has spent the better part of his week thinking, reflecting, praying, and writing on a sermon for God’s people who are hungry for God’s word.

The worship director has also spent much of the week engaged in endeavors for the benefit of God’s glory and His people on sunday mornings.

Not counting the myriad of other people who offer a sacrifice of praise to help facilitate Sunday mornings…and not to freak out all the sound techs who will read this – but much of this work can come to naught if the man or woman behind the sound board is not technically, creatively, and spiritually engaged.

The people running the technical aspects of Sunday mornings are a vibrant part of God’s word being clearly and winsomely communicated on Sunday mornings.  From things they do to enhance the communication, to the many moments scrambling to limit the distractions of technology…they run a fine line in so many ways.

Give your sound tech a hug this sunday and thank them for what they do.
Give them the proper training and pastoral encouragement to do their work with grace and power.
Help the rest of your staff, musicians and pastors to understand the weight and burden of their responsibility on sunday mornings.

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