Summer Reading List

The Summer reading list has gotten off to a tremendous start this year.  Not sure why…and not looking back.

Teaching a Stone to Talk {Annie Dillard}

A gift from a good friend that got lost in the shuffle of packing to move overseas. Looking forward to diving into my first dillard book.

Mao, a Life {Philip Short}

I have a lot of friends who have either been missionaries in china, or brought me back gifts from china, or have were born there.  I realized that I knew about minus nothing of the culture, history, or dramatic events of the 20th century there.  So far this book has been excellent.  about 150 pages in of 600.

The Violent Bear it Away {Flannery O’ Connor}

One of the great standard bearers of “gothic” southern literature.  This is a great introduction to her work and overall ethos.  Now living in North Carolina and feeling a lot closer to the traditional ‘south’ I’ve been more curious to put on some of the language and sight of its authors.

A Sociological History of Christian Worship {Martin Stringer}

Martin Stringer is a professor of Liturgical and Congregational Studies at the University of Birmingham in England.  His work attempts to look at the history of christian worship from a sociology/anthropology perspective.  Has been a fascinating read alongside other traditional takes on the history of Christian worship.

A Long Obedience in the Same Direction {Eugene Peterson}

Eugene Peterson has written a wonderful devotional guide through the Psalms of Ascents.  This should probably be nearer the top of my list of books as I will need to digest it as part of our Psalms of Ascents grant for the Fall.  Should be a killer for my time in the Upper Peninsula in august.

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