I Will Sing Praise to God

Elliot has been preaching through a series of sermons from Luke on ‘Meals with Jesus.’  It’s been a great opportunity to look for songs that speak of eating and drinking, abundance, hospitality, and shared communal experience.

Here is a new one from last week that captures some of these themes well.  I originally got this one from Green Lake Pres in Seattle, WA (Now CrossPoint Ministries)

I Will Sing Praise to God
leadsheet | mp3

I will sing praise to God, He has lifted me up.
He heard my cry for help, and He filled my cup.


His favor extends for a lifetime,
His grace gives me strength each day.
My soul shall sing His praise forevermore.

I’ll put my trust in Him, God my refuge and strength.
For when my life seems lost, He will show me the way.

text and music: Jon Byron, ?

3 thoughts on “I Will Sing Praise to God

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  1. I’m the composer and copyright owner of this song. It’s amazing to see songs travel. You can remove the anonymous now and actually put a name with the composition. I’d love to hear back from someone.

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