Psalm 120 – Songs for the Sojourn

Psalm 120 'Settling the Foreign Land' (c) Aaron Collier, 2007

This week at Christ the King we are looking at Psalm 120 in our series on the Psalms of Ascents.

Listen to Pastor Steve Brown read Psalm 120

Listen to our Pastor Elliot Grudem preach on Psalm 120

Read Psalm 120 in the ESV translation

Here is our Worship Guide for our Service on Psalm 120

Eugene Peterson – A Long Obedience in the Same Direction

“Psalm 120 is not a beautiful song – there is nothing either hauntingly
melancholy or lyrically happy in it. It is harsh. It is discordant. But it gets
things started.”

Here is our congregational song composed for Psalm 120

Thou God of Love, Thou Ever-Blest
mp3 | leadsheet

Thou God of love, thou ever-blest,

Pity my suffering state

When wilt thou set my soul at rest

From lips that love deceit?


Men: To long my soul

Women: Has made its home

Men: With those who peace abhor

Women: I am for peace

Men: But when I speak

All: They make for war.


Alas for me, that I sojourn

So long in Meshech’s land;

That I have made my dwelling where

The tents of Kedar stand.


I cried in trouble to the Lord,

And he has answered me.

From lying lips and crafty tongue,

O Lord, my soul set free.

words: Isaac Watts (vs.1)
The Book of Psalms of Singing (vss.2,3, chorus)
music: Bruce Benedict, 2009

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