Psalm 123 – Psalms of Ascents Series

Last Sunday we looked at Psalm 123 in our continuing series on the Psalms of Ascents, we are calling “Songs for the Sojourn.”

"Mercy" from Psalm 123 (c) Aaron Collier
"Mercy" from Psalm 123 (c) Aaron Collier

Listen to Pastor Steve Brown read Psalm 123

Listen to our Pastor Elliot Grudem preach on Psalm 123

Read Psalm 123 from the ESV

Sing along with us in Psalm 123 –

O Thou that Dwellest in the Heavens
mp3 | leadsheet

1 O thou that dwellest in the heav’ns,

I lift mine eyes to thee.

Behold, as servants’ eyes attend

Their master’s hand to see,

2 As maids do watch their mistress’ hand,

So our eyes now attend

Upon the Lord our God, until

To us he mercy send.

3 O Lord, be gracious unto us.

To us now gracious be;

For filled with scorning and contempt

Exceedingly are we.

4 Our soul is filled with scorn from those

That at their ease abide,

And with the insolent contempt

Of those that swell in pride.

Words: 1912 Psalter
Tune: AFRICA (Sacred Harp), William Billings, 1770
Arr. Bruce Benedict, 2009

One thought on “Psalm 123 – Psalms of Ascents Series

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  1. This setting is beautiful; I’ve listened to it at least a dozen times now.

    Are you all doing some sort of publishing with these psalms as part of your project? I’d love to get some sort of bound copy when they’re all done and engraved….

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