A Christmas Carol – Christina Rossetti

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Christina Rossetti is a well-known poet and verse writer from 19th century London.  In fact, Pj and I lived only a few blocks from where she grew up when we were there (Bloomsbury).  I became acquainted with her after I made an attempt to write new music to her hymn text “None Other Lamb” which is #157  in the new Trinity Hymnal.  And as is often the case I became more interested and set about getting to know her better.  You can read more for yourself on wikipedia.

She is well known for her religious verse.  In the Bleak Mid-Winter is one of her most famous Christmas hymns, which Gustav Holst set to music. (mp3 and leadsheet below)

Recently, I stumbled upon a short hymn she wrote for her Godchildren simply titled “A Christmas Carol.” (Originally with 9 verses)

mp3 | leadsheet

The shepherds had an angel,

The wise men had a star;

But what have I, a little child,

To guide me home from far,

Where glad stars sing together,

And singing angels are?


Those shepherds thro’ the lonely night

Sat watching by their sheep,

Until they saw the heav’nly host

Who neither tire nor sleep,

All singing glory, glory,

In festival they keep.


Christ watches me, His little lamb,

Cares for me day and night,

That I may be His own in heav’n,

So angels clad in white

Shall sing their Glory, glory,

For my sake in the height.


A Collection of her poems from Google Books

In the Bleak Mid-Winter  mp3 | leadsheet

None other Lamb  mp3 | leadsheet

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