Praise the Savior, Now and Ever

This is eclectic, convergent, catholic worship at its best.  A 6th century text originally written for Holy Week in the medieval church that we discovered in the ‘Trinity’ hymnal paired with a familiar Southern Harmony tune “Holy Manna.”  We recorded this song very appropriately gathered around one mic.  From the CD ‘Mid All the Traffic‘.  A great Easter romp.  He can also hear a great version from our friends at Redeemer-Knoxville.

mp3 | leadsheet | chords

Praise the Savior now and ever; Praise him, all beneath the skies;

Prostrate lying suff’ring, dying on the cross, a sacrifice.

Vict’ry gaining life obtaining Now in glory he doth rise.


Man’s work faileth, Christ’s availeth; He is all our righteousness;

He, our Savior, has forever set us free from dire distress.

Through his merit we inherit Light and peace and happiness.


Sin’s bond severed, we’re delivered; Christ has bruised the serpent’s head;

Death no longer is the stronger hell itself is captive led.

Christ has risen from death’s prison; O’er the tomb he light has shed.


For his favor, praise forever unto God the Father sing;

Praise the Savior, praise him ever, Son of God, our Lord and King.

Praise the Spirit; through Christ’s merit He doth us salvation bring.

text: Venantius Fortunatus, 6th cent. {more info on}
music: Holy Manna, alt.
arr. Bruce Benedict and Laura Bradham, 2006
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