Gospel Liturgy Through Song

I was reading the other day on the Worship Matter’s blog that Sovereign Grace Music is working on a CD that will move through the Gospel liturgy in song.  It’s a great idea and one I’m sure they borrowed from a recent release ‘Mid All the Traffic‘.  A CD we released that took the core songs at Redeemer and wove them through the liturgy of a worship service.  From the welcome to the Call to Worship, Assurance of Pardon, Lord’s Supper, Sending, etc.

In fact, it’s an exercise that I would recommend for any pastor/worship leader to engage.  Look through your list of core songs and see if you have songs that reflect all facets of the ‘Gospel liturgy.’  Another way of thinking about it is this –  Do you have songs that speak to the whole counsel of God?  You can read more about this in Brian Chapell’s excellent new work “Christ Centered Worship.”


Here is the breakdown in ‘Mid All the Traffic” (click for audio samples)

| Songs of Welcome and Call to Worship

1. Welcome to Worship at Redeemer (mp3)

2. The Sursum Corda leadsheet

3. Praise, My Soul, the King of Heaven –  leadsheet

4. Sing to the Lord, A New Song (Psalm 96) – leadsheet

| Songs of Confession and Mercy

5. Kyrie (Lord have mercy) – leadsheet

6. ‘Mid All the Traffic – leadsheet

7. Alas! and Did My Savior Bleed – leadsheet

| Songs of Assurance and Christ’s Abiding Love

8. None Other Lamb, None Other Name – 

9. Your Graces are New – leadsheet

10. Abide in Me leadsheet

| Songs of the Word

11. The Heaven’s Declare (Psalm 19)leadsheet

| Songs that Respond to the Word

12. Come, Holy Ghost – leadsheet

13. How Vast the Benefits Divine – leadsheet

14. How Much I Owe – leadsheet

| Songs that Confess our Faith

15. The Apostles’ Creed – leadsheet

16. The Lord is All that’s Good (Psalm 136) – leadsheet

| Songs of Thanksgiving and Sending

17. O For A Thousand Tongues to Sing – leadsheet

18. Praise the Savior, Now and Everleadsheet

19. Noise collage – The Congregation Departs 16th and Delaware (mp3)

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  1. I am new to this way of thinking through worship. I have been heavily influenced in the last year by my pastor, Dan Rolfe as well as many great resources I have come across in the last year… this blog being one of them, so thank you. As I have become more involved with the planning of worship at my church, one thing we think through each week is where the songs and readings will fit based on the basic flow of these elements. It has been helpful for me to start playlist on my iTunes for each element and as I listen through my library to simply drag songs over to the appropriate category. My pastor also began asking me to write songs specifically for corporate worship. So I have begun that process and now have several songs that I have written for several elements of the worship time. I am not trying to self promote those songs but would love to make them available for anyone to listen to, download and freely use. (I would also love to hear from others about those songs or ones they have written along these lines).
    To listen to or download those songs, you can click here.

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