To God I Made My Sorrows Known

To God I Made My Sorrows Known, a text from Isaac Watts based out of Psalm 142.

Read Psalm 142 (ESV)

Music from the tune POLAND, page 86 in The Sacred Harp

mp3 | leadsheet

(God is the hope of the helpless)

1 To God I made my sorrows known,
From God I sought relief;
In long complaints before his throne
I pour’d out all my grief.

2 My soul was overwhelm’d with woes,
My heart began to break;
My God, who all my burdens knows,
He knows the way I take.

3 On every side I cast mine eye,
And found my helpers gone,
While friends and strangers pass’d me by
Neglected or unknown.

4 Then did I raise a louder cry,
And call’d thy mercy near,
“Thou art my portion when I die,
“Be thou my refuge here.”

5 Lord, I am brought exceeding low,
Now let thine ear attend,
And make my foes who vex me know
I’ve an almighty Friend.

6 From my sad prison set me free,
Then shall I praise thy Name,
And holy men shall join with me
Thy kindness to proclaim.

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