Psalm 129 – Songs for the Sojourn

Psalm 129 "Furrows Not Fallow" (c) 2007 Aaron Collier

This week at Christ the King we are looking at Psalm 129 in a continuing series on the Psalms of Ascents.

Listen to Pastor Steve Brown read Psalm 129

Listen to our Pastor Elliot Grudem on Psalm 129

Read Psalm 129 in the ESV translation

Sing along with us from Psalm 129

Up From My Youth, May Israel Say


Up from my youth, may Isr’el say,

Have I been nursed in tears;

My griefs were constant as the day,

And tedious as the years.


Up from my youth I bore the rage

Of all the sons of strife;

Oft they assailed my riper age,

But not destroyed my life.


Their cruel plow had torn my flesh

With furrows long and deep;

Hourly they vexed my wounds afresh,

Nor let my sorrows sleep.


The Lord grew angry on his throne,

And, with impartial eye,

Measured the mischiefs they had done,

Then let his arrows fly.

words: Isaac Watts

music: Bruce Benedict, 2009

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