For the Beauty of the Church

A new book out with contributions from a number of stellar folk.  My copy is on the way, but from the excerpts I’ve seen floating around the web it promises to be a rewarding read for anyone who labors with a love for the church, her beauty, and her artists.

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There is a great discussion on each chapter of this book going on over at the Transpositions Blog – check it out HERE.



1. The Gospel: How is Art a Gift, a Calling, and an Obedience – Andy Crouch

2. The Worship: How Can Art Serve the Corporate Worship of the Church? – John D. Witvliet

3. The Art Patron: Someone Who Can’t Draw a Straight Line Tries to Defend Her Art-Buying Habit – Lauren F. Winner

4. The Pastor: How Artists Shape Pastoral Identity – Eugene Peterson

5. The Artist: What Exactly Is an Artist, and How Do We Shepherd Them? –  Barbara Nicolosi

6. The Practitioner: Nurturing Artists in the Local Church – Joshua Banner

7. The Dangers: What are the Dangers of Artmaking in the Church – W. David O. Taylor (Editor)

8. The Future Looking to the Future: A Hopeful Subversion – Jeremy Begbie

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  1. You should make your way over to Duke in 2 weeks. Drs. Begbie & Winner, along with David Taylor are speaking over lunch:

    Date: Tue., March 16
    Time: 12:15 – 1:15 pm
    Location: 0012W

    The New Creation Arts Group invites you to an event to celebrate Th.D. student David Taylor’s new book: For the Beauty of the Church: Casting a Vision for the Arts (Baker Books). It’s an edited volume that includes contributions from Dr. Jeremy Begbie and Dr. Lauren Winner—as well as Eugene Peterson, Andy Crouch, Barbara Nicolosi, John Witvliet and Joshua Banner. Aimed at pastors and artists, the book seeks to offer a robust, integrative and expansive vision for the arts and the church. David will be joined by Drs. Begbie and Winner to discuss the book. Bring a lunch and enjoy homemade desserts, including a dark chocolate torte.

    Also, that Sat.:

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