Gravity & Gladness Matt Boswell

Gravity and Gladness – Matt Boswell

Chord Charts Page

Couple weeks back I had the privilege to hear Matt Boswell, worship pastor at Fellowship of the Parks in Fort Worth, Tx  lead a discussion on worship at the advance conference hosted by The Summit Church in Durham, NC.  Matt and I are both, it seems, students of Dr. Hughes Oliphant Old.  It’s not too often that I’m at a worship conference and here someone drop a reference to John Oecalampadius. He also happens to have a new album out of worship music called “Gravity & Gladness” whose title is taken from a series of sermons from John Piper.  The album is a tremendous mix of contemporary sounds with hints of the traditional and has got more finesse in its delivery than the drinks at my favorite bar in London.

Coming from a more traditional church background I was fascinated to hear how Matt regarbed some ancient Christian formulations with new life such as ‘Doxology‘, the ancient paschal greeting of ‘Christ is Risen Indeed‘ and ‘In Excelsis Deo‘.  ‘O God of Our Salvation‘ is a wonderful hymn to the Trinity, a song I pray wins its way into many churches song rotations.  ‘In My Place‘ leads us to the cross to plead his righteousness and would be a great song for a contemporary church looking for songs to use for a Good Friday service.  ‘Jesus Died My Soul to Save‘ treads in the excellent territory of such modern hymns as “In Christ alone” and “How Deep the Father’s Love for Us.”  The album ends with a reminder of the assurance we have in Christ…that ‘Come What May‘ Jesus will always be our singing savior.

The Album is already available on Itunes.  Please support this good work.

You can download chord charts for the album HERE

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  1. My pastor just gave me this CD and im listening to Doxology and Im lovin it! I want to get the CHORD CHARTS from the link but its not working, can someone please help? Grace and Peace.

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