Jesus My All to Heaven has Gone

This is another great Sacred Harp tune and text. Thanks to Dave Stuntz at Blacknall Presbyterian in Durham, NC for recommending this to me for Easter. We will be singing it a capella but you may enjoy my acoustic version with our new dishwasher providing the sonic backdrop.


Jesus, My All, to Heav’n has Gone (North Port)
| leadsheet | 4 part arr |

Tune: R. R. Osborne, 1850
Words: John Cennick, 1743
Meter: Long Meter Half (8,8)

1. Jesus, my all to heav’n is gone,
Glory Hallelujah;
He whom I fix my hopes upon!
Glory Hallelujah!

I want a seat in Paradise,
Glory Hallelujah!
I love that union never dies,
Glory Hallelujah!

2. His track I see and I’ll pursue,
Glory Hallelujah;
The narrow way till Him I view,
Glory Hallelujah!

3. Lo! glad I come and Thou, dear Lamb,
Glory Hallelujah;
Shalt take me to Thee as I am,
Glory, Hallelujah!.

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