HW Songs #2 Deep Were His Wounds, and Red

The final track on The Welcome Wagon CD presents another excellent song for Holy Week.

Deep Were His Wounds, and Red
mp3 | leadsheet | Youtube (Vito playing live!)

Deep were his wounds, and red, on cruel Calvary,
as on the cross he bled in bitter agony.
But they whom sin has wounded sore find healing in the wounds he bore.

He suffered shame and scorn and wretched, dire disgrace;
forsaken and forlorn, he hung there in our place.
But all who would from sin be free look to his cross for victory.

His life, his all he gave when he was crucified;
our burdened souls to save, what fearful death he died!
But each of us, though dead in sin, through Christ’s eternal life may win.

You can read more about this song by Sufjan Stevens HERE

3 thoughts on “HW Songs #2 Deep Were His Wounds, and Red

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  1. We’re leaning heavily on that album for our service this Friday. Good stuff, certainly the aesthetic we’re going for.

    Set-list includes:
    Were You There?
    Blood of the Lamb (Guthrie/Wilco)
    Up on a Mountain
    Never Said a Mumblin Word
    Man of Sorrow
    Old Rugged Cross

    Thanks for the link to the Sufjan piece.

  2. I like this song a lot and all of their stuff. But does this melody seem a little too “sing-songy” to anyone? Too happy? I like the part that’s in F but the beginning part seems to not quite fit the words.

    We used Never Said a Mumblin Word last week and it was great.

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