Maundy Thursday Service

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Our church, Christ the King Presbyterian is celebrating a semi-traditional Maundy Thursday Service tonight. Maundy comes from ‘mandatum novum’ the latin word for commandment and originates in Jesus’ words to his disciples in John 13, where after the Passover he says “A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another: just as I have loved you.”
The three themes that typically mark a Maundy Thursday Service are:
• The events in the Upper room, where Jesus celebrates the last Passover with his
disciples, and institutes the Lord’s Supper in his name.
• The washing of the disicples feet.
• Jesus’ new command to his disciples to love one another.
Along side these central events we will also reflect on how scripture has used the recurring theme of food to impart God’s presence with his people looking at scriptures from Genesis to Revelation, with a nod to the ‘Egyptian Hallel’ (Psalms 113-118) as the hymns that Jesus sung with his disciples during Passover (Matthew 26:30).

The music will celebrate the culmination of our year long series – Songs for the Sojourn – through the Psalms of Ascents.


Christ the King @ All Saints Chapel, Raleigh

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