How Vast the Benefits Divine

This other famous hymn by Calvinist Augustus Toplady was first published in The Gospel magazine in Dec 1774.  I first heard this rehymned version by Holly Dutton in 2000 when I was interning at Green Lake Presbyterian Church in Seattle, WA.  The original version has a fantastic tempo switch between the verses and the chorus – 6/8 to 4/4 but Redeemer couldn’t quite catch it at the time so we smoothed it out.  A great hymn to meditate on the mighty benefits-divine we live in the Resurrection

And if you really want to treat yourself contact Sprinkle Publications and order their reprint of Toplady’s works.


How Vast the Benefits Divine
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How vast the benefits divine which we in Christ possess!

We are redeemed from guilt and shame and called to holiness.

But not for works which we have done, or shall hereafter do,

Hath God decreed on sinful men salvation to bestow.


The glory, Lord, from first to last, is due to Thee alone;

Aught to ourselves we dare not take, or rob Thee of Thy crown.

Our glorious Surety undertook to satisfy for man,

And grace was given us in Him before the world began.


This is Thy will, that in Thy love we ever should abide;

That earth and hell should not prevail to turn Thy Word aside.

Not one of all the chosen race but shall to Heav’n attain,

Partake on earth the purposed grace and then with Jesus reign.

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