Resurrection Song – Jesus Has Risen

Our community group spent some time last week just reading through Luke 24 and talking about the Resurrection of Jesus.  It’s a wonderful, beautiful and strange story.  Jesus is viscerally present in body and spirit – he walks, and talks, and eats….yet on the other hand he is otherly and beyond the disciples earthly unredeemed senses.  Oh to behold Jesus face to face!


Jesus Has Risen
mp3 | leadsheet | chord chart


Jesus has risen, He has risen indeed

Jesus has spoken, his Name for all our needs

Jesus is walking, full of wounds and full of grace

Turn to this Redeemer, his blood to make your place


He is risen, he is reigning, he is ruling, he is King of kings.



Let the echoes of the empty tomb

Rise up in our praise

Let the shadows of the empty cross

Remind us he is raised


Let the fervent prayers of gathered saints

Urge us in the fight

Let the peace of Christ when spoken out

Fill us with his might


words and music: Bruce Benedict, april 2010

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