Come, Thou Everlasting Spirit

Mike Farley, a good friend and professor of Worship at Covenant Seminary suggested I look into Wesley’s ‘Hymns on the Lord’s Supper‘ last year when I was trying to find some good texts.  Here is a great one I recently retuned.  Love that Wesley refers to the Holy Spirit as the ‘Remembrancer Divine.’  This is also a possible song to use for celebrating Pentecost.


Come, Thou Everlasting Spirit
mp3 | chord chart | leadsheet


Come, Thou everlasting Spirit,

Bring to every thankful mind

All the Savior’s dying merit,

All His sufferings for mankind!


True Recorder of His passion,

Now the living faith impart;

Now reveal His great salvation;

Preach His Gospel to our heart.



Come, Thou Witness of His dying;

Come, Remembrancer divine!

Let us feel Thy power, applying

Christ to every soul, and mine!


Let us groan Thine inward groaning;

Look on Him we pierced, and grieve;

All receive the grace atoning,

All the sprinkled blood receive.

*Image courtesy of the Digital Image Archive, Pitts Theology Library, Candler School of Theology, Emory University.

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