Resources on using the Psalms in Worship

Psalm 150 Image © Hildesheim, St Godehard

While working on our grant through the Psalms of Ascents this year I’ve dredged up all sorts of great resources on the Psalms.  Thought I would post a few here for your edification and enjoyment!


| Calvin Symposium Presentation on the Psalms – 2007

– Inspired by John Witvliet’s new book “The Psalms in Christian Worship
– Sub-titled “Perspectives and Resources for Missional, Emerging, Liturgical, Tiny, Medium-Sized, Traditional, Seeker-Sensitive, Tall-Steeple, and Just About Any Other Kind of Christian Church”.  Even MORE

(Features John Witvliet, Chip Stam, Reggie Kidd, and others)

| Website with Loads of Psalms Links

(Links to Psalm related articles, sermons, music, art, etc)

| Singing the Psalms in Modern Worship – a review of recent CD’s

(Greg Scheer reviews a number of recent CD’s with texts based in the psalms)

| The PrayerBook Project

(Our friend Brian Moss is writing music to the Psalms. They are amazing. Please support this great work)

| San Francisco Theological Seminary (Elizabeth Liebert)

(divergent collection of links, essays, and resources on the Psalms)

| The 1912 Presbyterian Psalter

(pdf of this complete psalter with music, responsive readings, notes, etc.)

| Psalms in the Trinity Hymnal

(pdf – texts in the Trinity Hymnal derived from the Psalms)

| Resources for using the Psalms with the Lectionary

(pdf – list of suggestions, resources, music, and links by Greg Scheer to thoughtfully engage the Psalms with the lectionary)

| The St. Alban Psalter

(Amazing website featuring the full text of this 11th century illuminated English Psalter)

| Songs for the Sojourn

(many more links to texts and resources are available here at Cardiphonia or at our church’s site)

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