Notes from Calvin Grant Colloquium

Last week Pj and spent a few days up at Calvin College and Seminary celebrating and learning with the Calvin Worship Grant recipients from 2009 and 2010.  We were awarded a grant in 2009 to walk our congregation through the Psalms of Ascents.

Here’s an overview of our time, people we met, and things we learned:

We were excited to participate:

The services this year were framed around the Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany season.  It was really interesting to worship through this season in the beginning of July.  One of my  favorite’s was “Jesus, Jesus, Oh What a Wonderful Child.”  Pj loved “I Want to Walk as a Child of the Light” and remembered it from her childhood.   And certainly singing “Shine, Jesus, Shine” with 150 other people shaking egg-shakers was memorable!

Our Worship Grant was a featured ‘case-study’ in the “Sustaining Worship Renewal” workshops on thursday morning.  Robert Nordling, who is a resource specialist with CICW in orchestral music spoke on engaging the congregation through music.  He walked the group through the Nairobi Statement on Worship and Culture. Afterwards I spoke for a few minutes on how we used music and poetry as part of learning and experiencing the Psalms.

We were excited to learn:

John Wivliet, director of the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship spoke throughout our time together from the Ten Core Convictions about Christian Worship which the CICW has been developing.

On Wednesday Greg Scheer shared the most recent publication from CICW that he has been working on – Global Songs for Worship Project

We were excited to meet:

Matt Stevens and Josh Bain – Vintage21 Church

Matt Stevens is the worship pastor at Vintage21 Church in Raleigh, NC and a great friend.  They are beginning their worship grant year.  You can read more about their grant HERE.

Isaac and Megan Wardell – Trinity Presbyterian

Isaac is the Worship Director at Trinity Presbyterian Church in Charlottesville, Va.  Their grant will seek to engage a large congregation (1,000+) in creating a more God-honoring and formative worship environment in a culturally and generationally diverse congregation.  Isaac also heads up BiFrost Arts.

Kristin Moore, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

Kris provides pastoral care at the Childrens Hospital and is exploring the Psalms as a source To create scripturally-based, experientially rich worship using music, dance, visual art and writing for patients in treatment at an adolescent residential psychiatric facility.

You can watch the Wednesday evening worship service HERE.

click on ‘Archives’ to the right and choose Worship Renewal Grants Colloquium

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