By/For Arts

The Descending of New Jerusalem, by Scott Erickson (photo by Ken McAllister)

By/For encourages artists to create sacred worship art by the church, for the church.

Recently (2008-2009) Brian Moss curated and facilitated a collaborative arts project with a number of visual artists in Vancouver. The Vancouver Project contemplates the beautiful, grotesque and sublime in this visual art exhibition. These are beautiful images that the Church is encouraged to integrate, reflect on and interact with.

Here is more on By/For’s approach to creativity and the Church.

Enables art in community.
Great art happens in community. By/For desires to strengthen ties between artists and their worship communities, so that both can grow together. God gives gifts in every community, for the edification of the whole Church.

Encourages art patronage.
Patronage of the arts is an ancient idea, and By/For thinks it can be a modern one too. Churches can support artists in their communities and reclaim their historic role as patrons of the arts.

Expands art copyright.
Worship is a gift freely given. By/For projects are licensed under Creative Commons, so churches can freely use the art in worship and other artists can adapt and extend it. Removing profit motives can enrich both art and worship.

Extends art across borders.
God connects His Church across borders. By/For believes the local church can strengthen and support fellow worshippers down the street, across town, and over oceans. Using the Internet and digital media, By/For helps churches and artists share sacred art across borders.

note from Brian Moss – By/For is entering into a new partnership with International Arts Movement that should prove to be exciting and fruitful.

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  1. I just read this for the first time this morning. I have been out of the loop.

    Two things I would like to add here. First, By/For is entering into a new partnership with International Arts Movement that should prove to be exciting and fruitful. More on that later. Second, the painting here is by Scott Erickson. It was photographed by Ken McAllister.

    Thanks for the shout out!!

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