David Taylor – thoughts on the Contemporary Worship Movement

Sorry for those of you for whom this post is a bit of a feedback loop!

Earlier this spring I blogged about a new book “For the Beauty of the Church‘ that had recently arrived with reflections from a number of people I really respect.  The author (unknown to me at the time) W. David O. Taylor was speaking over at Duke with Jeremy Begbie so I ran over to hear more about the project.   Then about a month later I was up at Calvin College for a colloquium on the Psalms in Worship and ran into the author again.  Then a few days later I was at Calvin for our Worship Renewal Grant meeting and spoke with David during the grant poster session.

At some point the need to google search overwhelmed!

Come to find out he is a super thoughtful guy who, to steal his own byline is an ‘arts pastor who never wanted to be a pastor and never thought he could be an artist.’

David hosted a conference in 2008 down in Austin, Tx that gathered together a number of the artists and theologians who show up in his book “For the Beauty of the Church.”  David was the arts pastor at Hope Chapel in Austin.  Evidently this conference sparked quite a few comets, one of which landed David at Duke University this past year to study with Jeremy Begbie as a ThD student in theology and liturgy.

Recently, David was asked to speak at David’s Crowder’s Fantastical Church Music conference – happening soon down in Waco, Tx.  David will be speaking on the Psalms in Worship with some thoughts on the wider stream of contemporary worship movement thrown in for comparison.  I met with David last week to tease out some of his perceptions of the movements within the presby/reformed community.  A number of these folk are playing music at the conference – Jars of Clay, The Civil Wars (produced by Charlie Peacock), BiFrost Arts (Isaac Wardell is the music director at Trinity Pres in Charlottesville, Va), The Welcome Wagon (Vito Aiuto is the minister of Resurrection Pres in Williamsburg, NY), and Derek Webb, husband of Indelible Grace veteran Sandra McCracken who are members of a PCA church in Nashville. It’s even more interesting to me that most of these musicians are related to the influence of either Scotty Smith and Christ Community Church (Kevin Twit and Indelible grace got their start here), Nashville or Tim Keller and the Redeemer, New York network.  It’s amazing to me that folks in the Passion movement/ evangelical baptist world are being impacted by the artists/thinkers flowing out of movements in the PCA.  Why is this? Anyone have any thoughts?  I have a few but would love to hear from others.  You can check out Zac Hick’s blog for some more thoughts along this line.

All that to say, make sure and check out David’s blog as he writes in preparation for the conference.  Great Stuff!!

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out and the heads-up! I have somehow missed this blog (I’m now subscribed). Great stuff!

    I appreciate your thoughts that help round out my own. I’m so excited to see the convergence take place.


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