Articles on a Biblical Theology of Worship

Recently ran across a list of essays from a number of people that I know.  Looking forward to reading a number of these.

From a conference hosted by the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship in 2007.

Here is the link to download most of these articles.

Chapters and Articles Submitted by Attendees

(read) Borror, Gordon L. “Cracks in the Foundation: Why is the Church struggling with effectiveness?”

(read) Dalbey, Mark L. “Gospel-Centered Worship and the Regulative Principle”, from All for Jesus: Essays Celebrating Redeeming Grace for the 50th Anniversary of Covenant Theological Seminary

(read) Deppe, Dean. “The Double Audience and Two-Fold Function of Hymns in the New Testament”

(read) Farley, Michael A. “The Development of Liturgical Catholicity,” from Reforming Reformed Worship

(read) Glick, Robert. “Songs, Sacraments, and Symbols,” from With All Thy Mind

(read) Gore, Jr., R.J. “In Light of the Covenant,” from Covenantal Worship

(read) Huebscher, Stephen. “Aspects of Heavenly Worship”

(read) Man, Ron. “The Significance of Hebrews 2:12,” from Proclamation and Praise: Hebrews 2:12 and the Christology of Worship

(read) Ruth, Lester. “The Promise of God’s Presence”

(read) Vanderwell, Howard. “Biblical Values to Shape the Congregation” from The Church of All Ages: Generations Worshiping Together

(read) Whaley, Vernon M. “Educating the 21st Century Worship Leader for Ministry”

(read) Witvliet, John D. “Isaiah in Christian Liturgy”

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