Christmas and Advent 2010 – Some of Our Favorites

The NativityIt’s hard believe church’s are already beginning to plan for advent and Christmas.  I’m just thankful the temperature has finally dipped below 90. But in honor of those keeping their wick’s well trimmed here is a collection of some of our favorite advent and Christmas resources.  Many of these are humble in-house affairs, but others, especially the CD’s are exquisite productions. Hope you enjoy.  Let me know what else you find that is helpful. Would love to add it to this list.


Post with original and traditional advent/xmas music – mp3/charts

|Resources – Liturgy and Advent Devotionals

Advent Devotionals (pdf)
The 2009 devotional has probably been the most popular resource we’ve developed.

Christ the King (2009)  – “Born a Child, Yet a King”

Christ the King (2008) – “For Yonder Breaks..”

Redeemer Presbyterian (2005) – Luke Birth Narrative and Carols

Advent Sunday Liturgy CTK ’09 – pdf

Lessons and Carols Service – CTK ’09

Christmas Eve Service – Narrated from Luke’s Gospel

List of Advent Readings-pdf | List of Advent Sermon Series-pdf

Why Recognize Advent? – article by Rev. Elliot Grudem – [to]

Explanation an Services based in “O Antiphons” (verses of O Come, O Come, Emannuel)

Original -King’s College- Lessons and Carols

Christmas in Art & Song (1879) – a collection of songs, carols, and descriptive poems  (google books link)

Advent Season resources from the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship

A couple books on the history of advent and the whole ‘liturgical year’ thing. [webber] [hickman]

Sufjan Steven’s excellent Christmas Collection – akrecords | amazon | bandcamp (email me for charts)


By All Adored – Cardiphonia Music

Salvation is CreatedBiFrost Arts

Silent Night – Red Mountain Music

In the Town of David – Ordinary Time

On the Incarnation – Daniel Renstrom

Advent Songs – Sojourn Music

Savior – Sovereign Grace Music

Good Reads:

Proclaiming the Christmas Gospel – Ed. by John D. Witvliet

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