Studying the Apostles Creed

(c) Kyle Ragsdale, 2010 "God, the Father, Almighty, Maker of Heaven and Earth"

Here are some resources on studying The Apostles Creed to go along with our new collection of songs on the apostles creed “Hymns of Faith”

Reformed Theological Seminary-Orlando is preaching through the Apostles Creed this Fall in chapel.
You can follow the talks on Itunes U

JI Packer – Affirming the Apostles Creed

Luke Timothy Johnson – The Creed

Alister McGrath – I Believe

Karl Barth – Faith of the Church: A Commentary on the Apostles’ Creed According to Calvin’s Catechism

Karl Barth – Dogmatics in Outline

Casper Olevianus – Exposition of the Apostles’ Creed

A collection of sermons Olevianus preached on the basic articles of the Christian faith. It serves as a reminder that the Reformed tradition did not see itself as separate from the universal church, though it was principally opposed to Rome. Rather, Olevianus and his tradition argue for a Reformed catholicity rooted in the ancient confession of the church.

St. Augustine – The Augustine Catechism: Enchiridion of Faith, Hope and Love

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  1. Barth has a great little book on the creed, Dogmatics in Outline. It was a lecture series he gave on the creed just after WWII in Germany, due to time he gets more in depth with the first two-thirds than the later, but it’s still a good read.

    Augustine also wrote on the creed extensively in the Enchiridion (I think it’s currently published as “The Augustine Catechism”) By far the most readable work of his I’ve encountered and shows a lot of his personality.

    Both of those are between 100 and 150 pages.

    1. Kristen, thanks for these. Like the intended response of Samuel Stone’s verse on the Apostles Creed I have found myself fascinated with studying both it’s simplicity (Barth at only a 100 pages!) and value. Will look both of these up and provide links hopefully.

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