Red Mountain Music – All Things New

Today, Red Mountain Music releases their last, their best, and most triumphant record. The first track took my breath away….after I recovered I took a seat to listen to the rest of the album.  They (Brian, Clint, et al) have spent a lot of time, heart and mileage on this record and in honor of their beauty here is some work we’ve done to engage the words behind each track.  Cardiphonia is especially excited because we helped commission one of the songs for this record – Track 13. Psalm 126.

Now you will click on this link and order the album @ BandCamp.

1. All Things New
(from “Come, Lord and Tarry Not” by Horatius Bonar, 1846)

2. Were You There
(from “Were You There When Thy Crucified My Lord)
An African American spiritual that probably predates the Civil War, “Were You There” was first published in William Barton’s Old Plantation Hymns (1899)

3. Spread Thy Wings
(from What Is Life? ’Tis but a Va­por by Thomas Kelly (1769-1855)

4. How Sweet to Wait
(from “How Sweet to Wait Upon the Lord” by Joseph Swain, 1761-1796)
Gadsby #387

5. My Business Lies at Jesus’ Gate
(from “My Business Lies at Jesus’ Gate” by John Berridge)
Gadsby #743 | Brian’s Blog – Youtube

6. The Secret Place
(from “O That I Knew the Secret Place” by Isaac Watts)
Gadsby #727

7. Come Dearest Lord
(from “Come, Dearest Lord, and Melt My Heart” by Anne Steele)
Gadsby #962

8. Garden to City

9. Alas
(from Alas! and Did My Savior Bleed” by Isaac Watts, 1707
with refrain from Ralph Hudson, 1885)

10. To Thee I Come
(from “Hear, Gracious God, a Sinner’s Cry” by Samuel Medley)
Gadsby #385

11. Why So Heavy?
(from “O Why So Heavy, O My Soul” by Edward Caswall)

12. Come All Ye Pining
(from “Lord, We Adore Thy Boundless Grace” by Anne Steele)
Gadsby #1039

*13. Psalm 126
(from “When God Revealed His Gracious Name” by Isaac Watts)
*Cardiphonia commissioned this song for our Psalms of Ascents Grant

14. The Lord Forever Mine
(from “My God How Perfect are Thy Ways” by William Cowper

15. Sanctus
(a traditional liturgical song – info)

– You can find Chords Charts to a few of these at Clint Well’s Hymn Site
Here is a PDF of lead-sheets to the entire Red Mountain catalog

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