Catechism Q4 What is God?

In 2006 I produced a CD of music to the first 38 questions of the Westminster Shorter Catechism.  It was a project I began in seminary as a way to fulfill a graduation requirement to memorize the shorter catechism.  The CD has gone on to help a lot of people from RUF interns, to home schoolers, sunday school teachers, youth pastors, to guys singing the catechism as they get grilled on the Presbytery floor during ordination exams.  All that is to say that:

1) I’m recording the 2nd CD right now which covers questions on the sacraments and the Lord’s Prayer Q’s 88-107.  I would love for you to help support this project which you can do HERE.

2. Matt Kirkland is a really gifted designer who is working on a series of images for each catechism question & answer. Incredible!!  Here is #4: (Listen)

Q4 What is God? (c) Matt Kirkland

2 thoughts on “Catechism Q4 What is God?

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  1. Hi! That is great to hear. I love the first CD and was wondering when the rest would follow. I love playing it for my son. But being baptist I might have to exclude the Q & A portions about baptism. Will you do a part 3 CD with the ten commandments? For His Glory- Matthew

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