Jan 2011 – News and Notes

Here a few bits and pieces we’ve been reading and listening too in the new year.

(Sunday Songs) – Bliss Street Studios

Evan Mazunik who leads music at Resurrection Presbyterian in Williamsburg, NY wrote a song for each Sunday of 2010 following the church calendar (Advent, Lent, etc).  You can listen to the whole collection over at his blog HERE.

Angels, Trees + Flowers
Pageant Music

Matthew Monticchio is the music director at Second City Church in Harrisburg.  His emphasis are jazz(piano) and composition.  Pageant Music is where he directs his talents to the service of ‘liturgical music’ where he seeks to contribute to the rich tradition of music for sacred use in the Christian church. 12 Gates is another of their CD’s with some fantastic arr. for congregational worship.  Listen at Noisetrade

Common Prayer:
a liturgy for ordinary radicals

Recent publication from Shane Claiborne, “founder of The Simple Way, a community in inner-city Philadelphia that has helped birth and connect radical faith communities around the world.”  This book is a compendium of all things liturgical.  A smorgasboard of prayers, essays, church calendar, and scripture.  It is a great introduction to the discipline of ‘daily prayer’ and offers some good introductory essays for those unacquainted with the church calendar and liturgical terms.  There’s not much in the way of theological filtering going on so you have to read with discernment but largely a helpful resource.

A Book of Public Prayer
: compiled from Calvin, Knox, Bucer, and others

This is a tremendous collection of prayers and liturgy gathered by a 19th cent. Presbyterian pastor named Charles Baird from the liturgies and writings of Calvin, Knox, Bucer and other reformed pastors.  When this book was published (anonymously) in 1857 it caused quite a stir because at the time using or following any kind of formal liturgy was the same thing as saying you were anglican or catholic.

Charles Baird, then a 29 year old pastor of Rye Presbyterian Church, had spent his youth traveling around Europe visiting Reformed Churches while his father Robert Baird visited and encouraged evangelical pastors.  He realized that much of the reformations work regarding worship had been filtered out by English and Scottish churches because of fights between independents(presbyterian and baptists) and anglicans (church of england).  As he began to pastor a church he found these materials extremely helpful and wanted to make them available for other pastors, lay people, and places where pastors weren’t always available (military, etc).  Cardiphonia is working to republish this text with notes and additions this year.  Baker books has republished his earlier work “Eutaxia: historical sketches of presbyterian liturgy” which is also a must read!  Look on abebooks.com to find a used copy.

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