Revelation: Worship and the Seven Churches

The whole bible is a letter from the Triune God to us.  A letter that takes so many different forms – both in theme and in type (narrative, poetry, gospel, etc).  The first couple of chapters of Revelation are even more unique in that they are letters addressed, letters ‘written’ by Jesus Christ to the cities where his church has grown and bore some fruit – for good and evil.  As you walk through the New Testament and read the letters of paul, peter, and john you forget about these letters of Jesus in Revelation.   We certainly don’t consider them as often as we should.  The letters get lost in the vast cosmological swamp of Revelation.  I was struck by these letters because I happened to be reading through this section of the Olney’s hymns at the same as our new pastor Geoff Bradford is wrapping up a series at his present church (Liberti-Philly) on the letters to Jesus to the 7 churches in asia minor.  Here are a few books that Geoff recommended along with the hymns from John Newton.  {Stay tune for one more ‘Revelation’ post with an exhaustive list of hymn texts inspired by Revelation}

The Seven Churches of Asia
– by Robert Murray McCheyne

To the One Who Conquers: 50 Daily Meditations on the Seven Letters of Revelation 2-3
– by Sam Storms

Confession of Faith/reading (from Revelation 2 & 3)

John Newton wrote hymns based on five of the 7 letters to the churches of Asia.  Here is a PDF of them.

Hymn based on the Letter to Ephesus (Rev 2:1-7)

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