Songs and Hymns Inspired by Revelation

Worship Leaders – what are you studying right now? What biblical texts, songs, books are you processing to expand your insight, knowledge, experience of God and his Word?  What theme, book, or doctrine are you sensing your people need to walk through? I though it might be interesting to post a series that gives a glimpse into the way I often work through section’s of Scripture.  Collecting books, songs, ideas, thoughts for liturgy, etc.  It’s always an incomplete process that happens amidst the work we do for each Sunday.  But over time develops into a rich array of resources.

I’ve also thought it might be beneficial to write a series of posts on the how we ‘go about’ the work of creating for Sunday’s in a way that is pastorally appropriate and contextual –  but for now here is another post on pieces I’m collecting for a series in Revelation sometime.

Hymns Based in Revelation

More than any other book in the Bible (besides the Psalms of course!) Revelation is a book to sing through. Yet I couldn’t think of many songs or hymns that I had sang recently that dwelt in the glories of Revelation.  So I’ve been working on this series as a way to remedy that need in my own life and worship.  Hopefully this will ring true for you as well and provide a place to start.

This list of hymns comes from Horatius Bonar‘s “The Bible-Hymn Book” where he collects hymns and lists them by book of the Bible.  It was originally produced to be a devotional aid for family worship.  As you read through the bible there is a hymn to sing along with many of the passages.  You can easily buy reproduction’s of this from abebooks or download a pdf from google books.

PDF of these texts

Now, Let us Join with Heart and Tongues (Rev 1:5-6)

On Earth the Song Begins (Rev 1:5-6)

Lo! He Comes with Clouds Descending (Rev 1:7)

Sweet is the Savour of His Name (Rev 1.18)

O, Where is now that Glowing Love (Rev 2:4)

There is a Morning Star, My Soul (Rev 2:28)

Often the Clouds of Deepest Woe (Rev 3:19)

How Long the Time Since Christ Began (Rev 3:20)

Glory, glory everlasting, be to him who bore the cross (Rev 4.11)

Thou, Great Redeemer, Dying Lamb (Rev 4.11)

Behold the Lamb, with glory crowned (Rev 4.6)

Awake and Sing the Song (Rev 5.13)

Far from home, I feel a longing (Rev 6.12)

Ye blest domestics of the slaughter’d Lamb (Rev 14.4)

Had I a Throne above the Rest (Rev 14.5)

In Vain our fancy strives to paint (Rev. 14.13)

All Hail the power of Jesus Name (Rev 19.12)

Lo, ‘tis the heavenly army (Rev 19.14)

My life’s a shade, my days (Rev 20.6)

Hark! The Jubilee (Rev 21.3)

Time’s Sun is Fast Setting, Its twilight is night (Rev. 21.6)

There is a land of pure delight (Rev.21.23)
<Red Mountain arr.>

That clime is not like this dull clime of ours (Rev. 21.23)

There is a stream which issues forth (Rev. 22.1)

What a raptuour song, when the glorified throng (Rev. 22.4)

Hope of our hearts! O Lord Appear (Rev. 22.20)

The Church has waited long (Rev 22.20)
<indelible grace – Come Then, Lord Jesus>

Charles Wesley has two collections of hymns that demonstrate his method of writing through scripture. They are often just snippets of thoughts. a few verses that capture an image of the text versus a fully developed hymn. Great to read through!  These were often done in seasons where he was ill or home from traveling. Here I’ve excerpted his section writing through the book of Revelation from his Scripture Hymns, Vol2 (1762).

PDF of wesley hymns from Revelation

“Every creature which is in heaven, and on the
earth, and under the earth, and such as are in the
sea, and all that are in them, heard I, saying,
blessing and honour, and glory, and power is
unto him that sitteth upon the throne, and unto
the Lamb forever and ever.”— Rev. 5:13.

1 Father, to thee and to the Lamb
Exalted above every name,
Is rendered now in various ways
Thy debt of universal praise,
And all in heaven, and earth, and sea,
And hell itself bow down to thee.
2 Blessing to God the heavens cry,
And honour all on earth reply,
The sea with all therein adore
The matchless wonders of thy power,
And all the hellish spirits below
The glory of thy justice show.

“And let him that heareth say, Come.”— Rev. 22:17.

The news of his coming I hear,
And join in the catholic cry,
O Jesus, in triumph appear,
Appear on the clouds of the sky!
Whom only I languish to love,
With fulness of majesty come,
And give me a mansion above,
And take to my heavenly home.

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