New Music Resources (follow friday)

Here is a list of some worship leaders and song writers that I culled from the emails flying around the WRN email group this week.  These are songs that have been helpful to all sorts of various contexts looking for new worship music. Most of the familiar ones (Sovereign Grace, Sojourn, etc) I’ve not listed but tried to link to one’s that are doing great contextual work.  Most of these are artists very much in process…

Zac Hicks
refurbished hymns with an excellent pop/rock sound.

Matt Boswell
Top notch originals. On the New York Hymns Lent CD. Get his “Gravity and Gladness”

Alex Mejias and High Street Hymns
retuned hymns with a nice, straight ahead folk/pop feel

Michael Van Patter
Worship Leader in Greenboro, NC. On the New Yorks Hymns Lent CD.

Joshua Banner
Josh is a very good songwriter and helps direct worship for Hope Chapel.

Joe Day
Acts29 Worship Leader and Songwriter. His CD “Grace” is outstanding!

Bobby Krier and City Life Church
Check out this Boston Church and their great tunes!

Nathan Partain
Nathan is one of the best writers I know.  follow his blog for new songs.

Gregory Wilbur
Adult contemporary folk/classical approach to hymn re-settings and psalms.

Greg Scheer
One of my favorite collaborators for all things liturgical/musical.

Clint Wells
Clint has contributed to all of the Red Mountain Music CD’s. Here’s his new site!

Sandra McCracken
Sandra is a tremendous songwriter. Our church sings “In Feast or Fallow” regularly.

Matthew Montichhio
Matthew and Hiram Ring are writing some great songs for worship. Get their CD 12 Gates on Noisetrade.

Eric Priest –
Musician and Pastor at Christ the King, Houston

Isaac Wardell & BiFrost Arts
You can listen and access their leadsheets at their Great Comfort Records site.

Karl Digerness & City Hymns
City Church, San Fran Worship Leader, Red Mountain Music Collaborator. New Album out soon!

Brian Moss
Seattle Songwriter, Early Indelible Grace contributor. Arts Pastor. Genius.

Michael Bleeker
Music from the Village Church in Tejas. pretty yummy.

okay, that’s all for now. need to watch basketball.

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  1. I’ve got a couple that many may not have heard of…

    Eric Gilbert –
    He’s the musician at Christ Church East Bay in CA, formerly at Perimeter. His versions of “O God Our Help In Ages Past” and “A Mighty Fortress” are both great. Hopefully he’ll start posting more music soon.

    The Church at Brook Hills –
    David Platt pastors this church, and their worship CD has some great pop/rock stuff on it. “Come Thou Almighty King” and “Great is Your Faithfulness” are particular standouts.

    Red Tie Music –
    The new publishing arm of Liberty University. Travis Doucette is a very talented young writer. His “God of the Ages” and “Defender (Call Upon The Name)” are great, poppy songs that translate to different ensembles quite readily.

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