Songs for Easter – Resurrection Sunday

Picture of Empty Tomb outside Jerusalem

What a joy to post a collection of songs for Easter.  To look over the span of church history and see so clearly those songs that have captured the joy, the power, and the truth of the Resurrection of Jesus.

Recently I heard someone lament that we only sing the classic ‘resurrection’ hymns on Easter when we should sing them more frequently, and certainly more than once a year when we celebrate the Resurrection every Sunday. This is also the case for many of our best Christmas songs.  Here’s where our tradition actually runs counter to our Gospel celebrating/singing.

So this year I challenge you to take one of your big songs for Easter and sing it for the next 4-5 weeks.  Sing it so that it has time to bury itself and be resurrected in our praise! Sing it until it sinks in and bears the fruit of memorization and formation.

Let the joy of Easter linger on in our song!

Rembrandt The Risen Christ Appearing to Mary


Christ the Lord is Risen Today
mp3 | chords | leadsheet-4pt | info

I Know that My Redeemer Lives, Glory, Hallelujah (Antioch, pg.277)
mp3 | leadsheet | video | text

Up from Grave He Arose (Benedict arr.)
| leadsheet

Christ is Risen, Hallelujah (trad. english easter hymn)
mp3 | leadsheet-4pt

Worship Christ, the Risen King (#266 Trinity Hymnal)
mp3 | chords | leadsheet | text
(I’ve done this with Partain’s tune to Praise, My Soul..)

Come, Christians Join to Sing (Contemporary arr.)
mp3 |chords | leadsheet

Crown Him with many Crowns
mp3 | chords | leadsheet

Praise the Savior, Now and Ever (Benedict arr.)
mp3 | leadsheet

Bob Whitehead Resurrection of Jesus


In Christ Alone (Keith Getty)
mp3 | chords | leadsheet | youtube

Christ is Risen Indeed (Matt Boswell)
mp3 | chords

Christ the Lord is Risen Today (Zac Hicks)
mp3 | leadsheet | chords | video

The Power of the Cross (Getty/Townend)
demo and charts | video

Were You There? (Red Mountain arr.)
mp3 | leadsheet

Come, People of the Risen King (Getty/Townend)
mp3 | leadsheet | Youtube (5 free Songs)

Sovereign Grace – new CD “Risen”

Rouault "On the Emmaus Road"


Christ Has Arisen, Alleluia (from Tanzania)
mp3 | leadsheet | purchase

Hail to the Lord’s Anointed (The Welcome Wagon)
| leadsheet

It is Finished (BiFrost Arts)
mp3 | leadsheet | full-score

Jesus Has Risen (Benedict arr.)
mp3 | leadsheet | chord chart

Hail, Thou Morn of Resurrection (Greg Scheer arr.)
mp3 | leadsheet

Easter Song (Keith Green)

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  1. Thanks for the Keith Green song at the end. I confess I once almost got a perm to be cool like Keith.

    A question for you, have you done sunrise services before? If so I am curious what you did/do.

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