Rise O Buried Lord – Hymns for Holy Week – Redeemer Knoxville

Our good friend Matt Grimsley and the musicians of Redeemer Church in Knoxville have begun a wonderful project this week.  They are releasing a new song, along with scripture and prayer to guide the church through each day of Holy Week. The songs will eventually be released as a new album “Rise, O Buried Lord.”  See info on the full album below.

HYMNS FOR HOLY WEEK (Palm Sunday – Easter)

<purchase at bandcamp>

1. All Glory, Laud, and Honor [feat. Matt Grimsley]
2. My Song is Love Unknown [feat. James Trimble] 04:43
3. Blest Be the Tie That Binds [feat. Jill Andrews] 04:02
4. Communion (Jesus Invites His Saints) [feat. Matt Grimsley] 05:04
5. Though I May Speak With Bravest Fire [feat. Caryn Schafer] 02:56
6. ‘Tis Midnight; and on Olive’s Brow [feat. Amy Porter] 02:51
7. O Come and Mourn With Me Awhile [feat. Joey English] 04:24
8. Man of Sorrows [feat. Daniel Oppenhuizen] 04:42
9. Holy Saturday [feat. Benjamin Bannister] 03:25
10. Welcome, Happy Morning! [feat. Tyler Anthony] 02:44
11. Praise the Savior, Now and Ever [feat. Everyone] 03:36
12. I Know That My Redeemer Lives [feat. Matt Grimsley] 05:11
13. Jesus Lives, and So Shall I [feat. Amy Porter] 03:43


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