Songs and hymns for Holy Saturday

In the silence of Holy Saturday, when we remember Christ in the grave words will fail us but songs will lift our hope and our hearts.

Brian MossHere in Between

Here in between the death and life
Of broken God and risen Christ
We watch and wait, we kneel and pray
For hope to breathe at break of day
The temple torn by sacrifice
How can this be the way?

Redeemer Knoxville Holy Saturday

In the midst of life we are in death, we are in death;
Whom can we seek? Where is our help?
From you alone, O Lord. – adpt from BCP

Greg ScheerAll the Sacrifice is Ended

Saviour ! in our night of weeping
Tell us of the joyful morn,
Guard our souls, their vigil keeping
In the hours of hate and scorn :
Raise us falling, wake us sleeping,
Till our Easter Day be born. – Samuel Stone

Canticle of JonahSongs at Cardiphonia

In daily prayer for Holy Saturday the song of Jonah is a traditional prayer as we meditate on Christ in the depths before he rises to His glorious resurrection on Easter Sunday.

The Welcome Wagon – My God, My God, Parts 1 & 2
mp3 | leadsheet – part 1 | leadsheet – part 2 | text

This epic two-part meditation on Psalm 22 is the most courageous song on the album.  Working off of the lyrics from the 1912 psalter The Welcome Wagon explores the lament-song of Christ from the cross – even exploring the liturgical turn in the psalm from lament to praise with Monique’s single voice in Part 1 and Vito taking the mic for part 2.  Love it!  If you are interested in exploring how Christ uses this psalm then you have to read Reggie’s Kidd’s “With One Voice.”  Lament, Psalm 22

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