Sojourn Music “The Water and the Blood” Watts CD II

Sojourn Music has just released their second collection of songs based in the hymns of Isaac Watts. I’ve done the work of linking to all of the original Watts texts at the Hymnary so that you can read along as you listen.  It’s a beautiful album for a beautiful selection of hymns texts.

Video on it HERE:

Purchase and Info HERE:

Review by Zac Hicks HERE:

Track List

1. Absent From Flesh
based in Absent from flesh! O blissful thought!

2. The Water and the Blood
based in Lord, we confess our num’rous faults

3. From Deep Distress
based in From deep distress and troubled thoughts

4. Compel My Heart To Sing
based in The Lord, descending from above

5. Let the Seventh Angel Sound
based in Let the Seventh Angel Sound on High

6. Oh God, Our Help in Ages Past
based in Oh God, Our Help in Ages Past

7. Deep In Our Hearts
based in Deep in our hearts let us record

8. Blest Be The Lamb
based in When I can read my title clear

9. Death Has Lost Its Sting
Based in My God, how many are my fears!

10. Early, My God
based in Early, my God, without delay

11. Let Your Blood Plead For Me
based in Lord, how secure my conscience was

12. The World Will Know
based in At thy command, our dearest Lord & When I survey the wondrous cross

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