Pentecost Songs

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Last fall Cardiphonia sponsored the first of what will be a series of song collections focused around gospel themes for congregational song.

This week we are releasing our second collection of songs for Pentecost Sunday.

Initially we began by reading through a collection of hymns to the Holy Spirit by Charles Wesley.  He has a number of hymns that walk through John 14-17.  Then we stumbled upon this massive collection of hymns [Songs of the Spirit-PDF] for the Holy Spirit collected from every denomination and time period of the church. (introduction is well worth reading)

Over 25 songwriters took up the call to write an original tune and provide us with a recording.  Some of these were written years earlier and needed to be re-emphasized.  Most of these are brand new creations.  All of the artists were excited to explore what it would mean to sing in, to, and about the Holy Spirit…in their own worship and many with their own congregations.

We hope these songs will fill a need in all of our churches for a more robustly Trinitarian language in worship.  We need to address Father, Son, and Holy Ghost!  And Pentecost Sunday is a great and needed excuse to welcome the Holy Ghost more fruitfully into our prayers and songs.

Pentecost, which means ‘fifty’, signifies the 50 days between the resurrection of Jesus and the day the Holy Spirit descended on the disciples and established the church. (Acts 2)

Our initial aim was to collect 50 songs to celebrate each day but that seemed maybe a bit over ambitious…so we settled for getting half way there! These songs represent over 1000 years of devotional text relating to the Holy Spirit at work in the church. From the Latin chant of Veni Creator Spiritus re-imagined by Greg Scheer to a recent exploration by Wendell Kimbrough – this is an insanely fruitful toast to the Spirit singing in our midst.


Hiram Ring – Come, Holy Spirit, Come
Musician with Pageant Music and Doctoral Student in Linguistics in Singapore.

Nathan Partain – Come, Holy Spirit, God and Lord
Music Arts Director at Redeemer Presbyterian, Indianapolis

Wen Reagan – Almighty Comforter
Musician and Doctoral Student in American Studies at Duke.

Bruce Benedict – Come, Holy Ghost & Come, Thou Everlasting Spirit
Music Director at Christ the King, Raleigh

Jered McKenna – Almighty Comforter
Musician and Worship Leader for Mitchell Road Presbyterian Church

Matt Boswell – God the Spirit
Worship Pastor at Fellowship of the Parks, Fort Worth, TX

Zac Hicks – Away With Our Fears
Associate Pastor of Worship & Liturgy at Cherry Creek Pres, CO

Brian T Murphy – Did I Not Plead Above
Red Mountain Music and New York Hymns

Melanie Penn & Steve Elliot – Holy Ghost, By Him Bestowed
Brooklyn, NC – /
Musicians at Park Slope Pres

Clint Wells – No Longer Visible
Nashville, TN –
Musician and Red Mountain Music

Karl Digerness – Spirit of God
San Francisco, CA –
Music Director at City Church, SF

Michael Van Patter – Breathe on Me & Great Comforter, Descend
Greensboro, NC –
Director of worship-arts at Hope Chapel

Anne-Marie Strohman – Holy Spirit, Light Divine
Musician – Palo Alto, Ca

Luke Brodine – Come Down O Love Divine
Palo Alto, CA –
Pastor and musician at Grace Pres.

Cameron Gray – Breathe on Me
San Diego, CA –
Chad Gray works as a designer and musics at Harbor Pres.

Greg Scheer – Glossolalia & O Holy Spirit, Come!
Grand Rapids, MI –
Minister of Worship at Church of the Servant in Grand Rapids and Music Associate at the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship

Rick Jensen – Spirit I Wish I Knew Your Name
St. Louis, MO –
Musician and Liturgy Fellowship Dir.

Gina Tuck – Hymn to the Holy Spirit
St. Louis –
Director of Liturgical Arts at Central Pres

Luke Morton – Come, Holy Spirit, Come
Issaquah, WA – No More Fear
Assistant Pastor at Cov. Pres. Church.

Wendell Kimbrough – Holy Spirit, Come
Washington, DC –
Musician at Church of the Advent (DC)

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