Series in Book of Ruth

"Naomi and Daughters" by Marc Chagall

This summer my church CTK is working through the book of Ruth.

Here is a body of resources I’ve culled together to help our congregation engage with Ruth through corporate worship, small group study, and private devotion.


Community Group Study Guide with Questions [PDF]

Further Reading:
The Gospel of Ruth: Loving God Enough to Break the Rules by Carolyn Custis James
Faithful God: An Exposition of the Book of Ruth by Sinclair Ferguson
Ruth: Under the Wings of God by John Piper
Ruth: Poverty and Plenty by Tim Chester-


Our two favorite songs for this series have been Sandra McCracken’s “In Feast or Fallow” and Brian T. Murphy’s and mines arrangement of Isaac Watts Psalm 126 “When God Revealed His Gracious Name.” Both wrestle with themes uncommon to common life but integral to the story and characters of Ruth.  Images of life tied to agriculture and seasons.  We’ve been repeatedly singing these two songs after the sermon and during the Lord’s Supper.  Giving the congregation time to soak, and let the words bear fruit if you will.

In Feast or Fallow (words and music by Sandra McCracken)
listen | leadsheet

When the fields are dry, and the winter is long
Blessed are the meek, the hungry, the poor
When my soul is downcast, and my voice has no song
For mercy, for comfort, I wait on the Lord

In the harvest feast or the fallow ground,
My certain hope is in Jesus found
My lot, my cup, my portion sure
Whatever comes, we shall endure.
Whatever comes, we shall endure

Psalm 126 – When God Revealed His Gracious Name
listen | leadsheet

Let those that sow in sadness wait
Till the fair harvest come,
They shall confess their sheaves are great,
And shout the blessings home.

All who will bear a seed to sow
Amidst their grief and tears
Will come again with shouts of joy
A harvest of the years.

Psalm 131 – O Israel, Put Your Hope Upon the Lord
mp3 | leadsheet
words: Isaac Watts & music: Bruce Benedict

There is a Redeemer (by Keith Green)
listen | leadsheet


There are a number of great artists who have tackled the remarkable human images present in the book of Ruth including both William Blake and Marc Chagall. We’ve been using the series by Marc Chagall as images for our worship guide.

You see these and download versions of them –> HERE

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