Creeds and Confessions

(image via The Resurgence)

There are some great resources out in the ethernet for studying and using Creeds and Confessions in both your own study and in corporate worship.  Creeds are a wonderful way to make both corporate confessions of faith as well as visible, audible, physical expressions of our unity with Christ – both in our own church and with the church worldwide.

The Resurgence posted a great resources recently with some brief articles on the most important creeds and confessions by Justin Holcomb (former RTS Grad).


Phillip Schaff produced the most famous work in regard to church creeds “The Creeds of Christendom: The history of creeds”


Here is a helpful resource with the major creeds in a form you can use them in bulletins/PPT.

The Book of Confessions (PDF)

Songs for the Apostles Creed – A Collection of Hymns on each article of the Apostles Creed


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  1. A good friend gave me a copy of Schaff. It’s a tremendous collection, like the Book of Concord, but for all of Christianity combined. As one who suffers from terminal theological curiosity, I am always seeking to understand more clearly the difference between Christian theological traditions, as if I could possibly discover which of them were completely right.

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